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Smart Response will Send Auto Response Messages to the Incoming Phone Calls and Incoming Text Messages with an Urgent call facility while Driving.


Enable Smart bike mode with NFC Reader Single Touch (Near Field Communications) for Easy to Use before starting your Bike Travel.


Smart bike mode notifies detailed

Phone Calls, Text Messages and Urgent Calls Logs on the Application.


White List feature provides flexablity to organize incomming important calls while driving two-wheeler by skipping smart bike mode.


Call Receive Method feature provides options to manage incomming call reject settings when smart bike mode is on.

Smart bike mode

Smart Response


White List

Call Receive Method


Urgent Call

Urgent Call Notification will only trigger when there is an urgent call request from the caller, Biker can park the bike and take a call.

How it works


Smart bike mode Auto Responder is a Android mobile app which allows you to ensure minimum distraction while riding a two-wheeler. This feature once enabled automatically replies to calls with pre-recorded text messages and doesn't notify the rider.

Riders can also mark a few contacts as important, so that they can be notified even while riding.

This Application is developed to support safe driving in a country, Driving bike is risky and we are trying to share the awareness no-mobile-driving, Follow Traffic Rules and help environment serve you better. 


Smart bike mode for business


Smart bike mode app is a royality free for only mobile manufacturing companies, you may use it on your pre-installed mobile phones and distrubte it world wide - for any customization in the application you may contact using below details:


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